My Bucket List

25 Things to do while I’m 25

  1. Find a cocktail I LOVE. 
  2. Throw a house party.  And not worry about the clean up until the day after… 😉
  3. Go 24 hours media-free. That means turn off your cell phone and shut down your computer. With the exception of getting tagged in heinous photos that you can’t de-tag right away, you won’t miss anything.
  4. Travel by train.
  5. Go on an Adventure Roadtrip. With Friend(s)
  6. Read 25 good books. Or more…
  7. Go for a Bike Ride. Bicycle, Motor and bike is allowed!
  8. Go to the Gym and enjoy it 🙂
  9. Turn in an assignment early. Your stress level will go way down!
  10. Cook a Dinner for Friends
  11. Write postcards, letters and actually send them
  12. Leave town for School Break.
  13. Attend a Festival. Anywhere, any kind!
  14. Drink Moonshine. because it’s illegal 😉 
  15. Learn (ASL) Sign Language. Because it is soo awesome 🙂
  16. Go see a Concert. Because Music is the best. 
  17. Go to the Gym, 7 days in a row
  18. Go on a date
  19. No clothes shopping for 1 month! And save up for those Cowboy boots you want!
  20. Try a different style in Clothing
  21. Kiss someone in the New Year 😉
  22. Sauna. Because it’s been too long ago!!
  23. Dress Up. Costumes are the way to go! 
  24. Have a Sleep Over no need for a DD since everyone is crashing at the house.
  25. Go Skinny Dipping.

As you can see I didn’t finish my list in time. Go to my other website to see my complete list!


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